How To Pick the Best Guardian For Your Child in Florida

One of the most important and most often overlooked aspects of Estate Planning is selecting a guardian for your children. Estate Planning is the process of deciding what will happen to your belongings (your estate) and your money (your assets) after you pass away. Most people think of Estate Planning as simply writing a Will, but there is much more to the equation than that.

If you are raising children who have not yet turned eighteen years old, you can choose an adult who you would like to be their legal guardian should anything unexpected happen to you. This aspect of the Estate Planning process is known as guardianship.

In Florida, there are two different aspects to guardianship. In your Estate Plan, you should elect a Guardian of the Person and a Guardian of the Property. The Guardian of the Property handles the financial aspect of raising the children, handling any money that was left for them and determining when and how it is used.

The Guardian of the Person is the adult who fills the traditional parental role. They will take care of the child, live with them, raise them, and transport them everywhere they need to be. The Guardian of the Person and the Guardian of the Property can be the same person, but they do not have to be. Some adults are better with money and some are better with children and you can elect the position based on the strengths of your chosen guardians.

When selecting your Guardian of the Person, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, if they are raising your children, they should share your moral values. You can also include instructions in your Estate Plan regarding how you would like the children to be raised. The whole point of picking the guardian yourself is that it is someone you trust, so make sure to pick someone who shares your approach to parenting.

The other important factor to note is that you are not tied in to choosing just one guardian for each position. Since Estate Planning is all about being prepared for the future, you can make several back-up choices in case your chosen guardian is unable to raise your children. This is a particularly good option if your chosen guardian is your parent or grandparent. You also do not have to pick married couples to be your Guardian of the Person. You can pick based on the strength of the individual alone.

When it comes to selecting guardians for your children, we know that protecting your family is your number one priority. At Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio, we have experience with Estate Planning, guardianship, and probate. Contact Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio today to speak to your Miami Estate Planning advocate. We believe in helping you navigate uncharted waters!

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