Inheritance for Cuban Nationals

Crossing the Border to Give You What’s Due

It’s not at all uncommon for citizens and permanent residents of Cuba to be in line for an inheritance from their family member who passed away while living in the U.S. Although the two countries are so close, there are many obstacles Cuban nationals must cross when claiming their inheritance from the states. 

Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio are one of the few law firms that handle this particular area of law. Even though Florida law gives those living outside the U.S. the same inheritance rights as lawful residents, the federal government meticulously monitors money flowing from the U.S. to Cuba to ensure money isn’t going to government leaders and entities. 

We would be glad to help you administer an estate that includes beneficiaries who are Cuban nationals. Furthermore, we are happy to work with you if you are experiencing trouble receiving your inheritance from the U.S Reach out to us to discuss your options.