What is Undue Influence in the Context of Estate Planning?

There are several grounds upon which you, or another interested party, can contest the validity of an estate planning document such as a last will and testament, trust, or beneficiary designation. One of the most common reasons for a will being challenged in court is due to allegations of undue influence on the testator (person writing the will). This blog will explore this important topic that sometimes results in Read More

An Overview of Advance Health Care Directives

It can be difficult to know where exactly to start with your estate plan. You probably have heard about the importance of wills and trusts, but have you considered making an advance health care directive? This document lays out the medical care you wish – and don’t wish – to receive when you are incapacitated and cannot communicate your wishes. We will explore this document and expand on its purpose in this Read More

What to do If a Family Member is being Financially Exploited

Our elderly loved ones deserve to age and live out their golden years in peace and contentment. However, there are always unsavory individuals looking to con vulnerable people out of their money. With the large elderly population in Florida, there are quite a few opportunities for bad actors in the state to drain seniors of their financial resources. This blog will provide a general overview of financial exploitation Read More